As individuals we are faced with many decisions every day. These decisions regard many of different aspects of our lives - what clothes we wear, how we transport ourselves and what we choose to eat and drink. 

To help us make these decisions everyday there is an immense amount of information available to help us. In particular, there is an overwhelming amount of advice to help us to make decision regarding the last two - what we should eat and what we should drink. 

Should we select full-fat or low-fat dairy products? Are wraps a healthier option instead of bread? Do we also need to choose low salt products? With these questions It is understandable that we become confused when faced with the mountain of nutrition advice available.

This is where a ground-breaking new concept, called Nudgeomics, can help. Nudgeomics combines the capabilities of Nudge Theory with nutrigenetics to provide personalised health advice tailored to the individual. Click here to learn more about Nudgeomics. 

Picture 1: Supermarkets provide an abundance of products which can make it difficult for people to choose healthy products suited to them specifically