DnaNudge, founded by Regius Professor Christofer Toumazou and Dr. Maria Karvela, fuses the fields of technology development and engineering with genetic testing and up to date nutrition research. 

The company provides a genetic testing service that guides you to make the best shopping choices based on your unique genetic makeup. The service is a world-first direct-to-consumer genetic test that can be performed on-the-spot, meaning you do not have to send your DNA sample away to a laboratory and also eliminates the long waiting times that come with undergoing genetic tests. 

The process involves providing a DNA swab in the form of a cheek swab. The swab is loaded in the DnaCartridge which then analyses certain genetic traits regarding nutrition metabolism. Your genetic results are then loaded onto your phone and through the DnaNudge App personalised nutrition recommendations are made. 

For more information on DnaNudge please visit www.dnanudge.com.

Funding for the ASPIRE-DNA trial is provided by DnaNudge.