If you would like to become a participant in the ASPIRE-DNA trial, or would like more information regarding the trial, we would like to hear from you so please follow the steps below.

1. Please complete the Diabetes UK Risk Calculator prior to sending an email to the trial team. It is a simple online calculation taking only a few minutes that will give you an indication of your risk of developing diabetes in the long term. Please note we are particularly interested in people with a score of 16 or above. 

2. After completing the Diabetes UK risk assessment, send us an email at aspire-dna@imperial.ac.uk saying that you are interested in becoming a trial participant or would like to receive more information.

3. The ASPIRE-DNA trial team will then contact you to arrange a convenient day for you to come to the Imperial College Research Facility ICRF for a screening visit. This screening visit will assess if you have pre-diabetes and thus eligible for the trial. Assessing if you have pre-diabetes will involve a simple finger prick to measure your blood sugar levels, also known as a point-of-care glucose test.

4. If you do have pre-diabetes and would like to partake in the trial further steps to enrol you in the trial will be provided at the screening visit. 

Please ensure you have read the general trial information found here and the ASPIRE-DNA Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria