This information is intended for people who are current trial participants or if you have a screening visit scheduled to assess your eligibility for the trial.


Yes, there a number of small requirements for you to complete before you attend the Imperial College Research Facility (ICRF) for certain visits.

1. Screening Visit - Prior to the screening visit, it is required that the ASPIRE-DNA trial team have your NHS number as your NHS number is required to secure room bookings. The ASPIRE-DNA trial team will contact you to obtain your NHS number. 

2. Clinical Visits - If you are an enrolled participant you will undergo an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) as part of your clinical visits to the ICRF. The OGTT requires you to have fasted for a minimum of 12 hours with only water permitted as needed during this period. You will also need to avoid drinking caffeine, exercising and smoking during this period as it can affect test results. As some medications can also affect test results, please contact the clinical trial team at to be advised on which of your current medications should be omitted until after the test.

Information for current trial participants

If you currently enrolled in the ASPIRE-DNA trial and have any general queries about the study, please contact the Clinical Trial Team via;

Email: or 

Phone: (+44) 07568791304

Please note that email is the preferred method of contact for a swifter response.

If your query is regarding technical assistance with the DnaNudge App please contact