How to Order

'Posturite Ltd' is the College preferred supplier of ergonomic equipment, as such they give a small (10%) discount on all equipment ordered. However they will not always be the cheapest supplier.

There are a huge range of ergonomic chairs with specialist features on the market. The Positv R600 is an excellent chair. It has the adjustability necessary to make most people comfortable. The R600 gives you the option of adding an inflatable lumbar support. This may help good posture. Generally arm rests can be a hindrance to good posture, but if you insist on arm rests on your chair you should consider retractable ones. Check the measurements of the chair in relation to your seat and back to help you decide the right size. The chair can be bought online or using the order details in the product information document.

For further information on specialist chairs please contact your local DSE assessor.