Making a self-referral

For Staff Only


Before making a self referral:

If recommendations on adjustments and support from your manager or the College are expected or if your line manager wants a report from Occupational Health, you should request a staff referral from your line manager or Human Resources advisor.

If you are concerned about your work-related health, you can seek confidential advice from an Occupational Health Advisor. Consultations are undertaken by qualified staff who can help with a variety of work-related health concerns including mental health, and physical health, as well as advice on workplace health protection. We can also advise following accidental exposures to biological agents or chemicals.

If you have ergonomic concerns or want specific equipment for your workstation please discuss first with your local computer health assessor and line manager. You do not need to have OH approval to get a new chair or standing desk as these decisions are made locally. All the details are available for your department to proceed with the information contained in the catalogue.

Please complete and submit the Self-Referral Form using the myCority link. To log in please use single sign on by clicking on the button “Login with SSO”, some users may not be auto enrolled in which case please register using the instructions contained in the myCority Guide. If you encounter any issues with registering or logging on to myCority please contact ICT Helpdesk on 020 7594 9000 who will be able to assist you further.

Neurodiversity Related Support

Where concerns about neurodiversity arise it can cause worry for employees and managers alike. Occupational Health (OH) does not advise specifically on neurodiversity support but can provide support where there are coexisting health-orientated matters such as mental ill-health. In these situations we recommend seeking advice from the Equality Diversity and Inclusion Centre (EDIC) in the first instance and if required this can be followed up with an OH referral.

Check out EDIC’s webpages to access a range of neurodiversity related resources and support for employees and managers. Please complete the booking form to access support.