The Sickness Absence Policy and Procedure exists to provide a fair and consistent approach to the management of sickness absence in the work place.

Staff referral form

Staff can be referred for a formal assessment and report on their fitness for work where there is concern that their health is being affected by their work, or where problems are affecting performance or attendance at work.

Advice can also be requested on the management of health problems which have an impact on an individual's safety to undertake aspects of their role.

If you have concerns about health vulnerabilities of staff planning a return to work on College campuses, we have created a COVID referral to support the assessment of individuals who require advice on their fitness to work on site and further information on mitigating their risk in relation to COVID19.

Neurodiversity Related Support

Where concerns about neurodiversity arise it can cause worry for employees and managers alike. Occupational Health (OH) does not advise specifically on neurodiversity support but can provide support where there are coexisting health-orientated matters such as mental ill-health. In these situations we recommend seeking advice from the Equality Diversity and Inclusion Centre (EDIC) in the first instance and if required this can be followed up with an OH referral.

Check out EDIC’s webpages to access a range of neurodiversity related resources and support for employees and managers. Please complete the booking form to access support.