Students attending a Data Science lecture

Ensuring the College maximises its use of space to help support the best possible teaching and learning experience

Programme Overview

Please note, this project is now closed.

The College Space Sharing Programme was established in 2015, sponsored by Chris Banks, Assistant Provost (Space), after the utilisation of College space had consistently been raised as a priority for improvement. A series of projects and activities were undertaken to address these, including:

  • Development and publication of a Space Policy Framework and subsidiary policies, to help bring transparency to the use and management of College space
  • Establishment of a centralised start-of-day room readiness checks for teaching spaces
  • Delivery of a self-service room booking process and system to reduce the administrative burden of room booking and to support increased space sharing
  • Room inventory data centralised
  • Delivery of a 'one stop shop' website for room booking information
  • Roll-out of anonymous occupancy monitoring at South Kensington and White City campuses to gather data for the College community to develop insights which can inform resolutions to space constraints