Nimbus is the name of Imperial College’s Business Process Management System (BPMS), which brings together the College's Processes into a format that is visual, governed, easily understood and shared with others via the web. The Nimbus BPMS is the standard point of reference for College business processes.   

Every process mapped in Nimbus is owned and governed by a Business Process Owner, who ensures that the published process is correct and fit for purpose. Process maps must also meet the quality standards defined by the Business Process Authority (BPA), within ICT’s Transformation Office, in order to be approved for publication. 

What benefits does the BPMS offer to College?

  • It presents College processes all in one place and makes them accessible via the web.
  • The simple, unambiguous diagramming style requires no training or introduction in order to be understood.
  • College members can navigate across the end-to-end process architecture, regardless of which business area carries out specific sub-processes.
  • Each process is governed and owned by the right person in College, with supporting workflow. The viewer can see who owns a process and when it was last approved.
  • Process diagrams are enriched with helpful links, such as user instructions, guidance, templates, policy documents, custom data capture and relevant IT systems.
  • Processes can be associated with business rules, controls and frameworks, with supporting workflow to enable regular assurance of compliance.
  • Storyboard walkthroughs can be created, to support role based training and coaching

Nimbus diagram example