The College maintains only a small number of Nimbus Process Author licences and, primarily, these are allocated to staff whose core role includes process analysis.  As projects reach maturity, author licences may be re-allocated locally to Subject Matter Experts who will facilitate continuous improvement projects without the on-going assistance of an analyst. 

To discuss the requirements for becoming a Nimbus Process Author, contact the BPA in the first instance (  As a minimum, staff who wish to become Process Authors will be required to attend Nimbus author training.

Reclaiming author licences

Please note that Nimbus Author licences are treated as a shared College resource and will be reclaimed on a routine basis as projects end or after a period of non-use. This allows the licences to be re-allocated based on need, as new projects commence.  Should you need to re-activate your expired author licence, you may request its reinstatement via Ask ICT.