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Troubleshoot FAQs

Can't access the Nimbus web front end

If you find that you are unable to log into Nimbus via the web:

  1.  Check that you are using the correct url 
  2. Ensure that you are logging in with your standard College username and password
  3. Check whether your browser is supported. Supported browsers include:
  • Google Chrome 59.0.x
  • Microsoft Edge Windows 10
  • Mozilla Firefox 54.0.x
  • Internet Explorer 11.0. (NB: If customers using Internet Explorer 11.0 report problems, TIBCO may recommend using an alternative supported browser).

If you are still unable to log in, submit a form to ASK ICT

Can't open the Nimbus author client

If you find that you are unable to log into Nimbus via the author client:

  1. Check that you are using the correct url

  2. Is the client properly installed on your machine? View instructions on our Nimbus webpage

  3. Are you using the correct Nimbus password? This is separate from your College password and needs to be re-set every 42 days. If you have forgotten your password, request a password re-set.

If you are still unable to install or open the client, submit a form to ASK ICT

Process diagrams are difficult to view without scrolling

If you find that process diagrams do not fit neatly into your browser viewing window, or require too much scrolling, you can reduce screen clutter and adjust your settings by customising your viewing preferences

You only need to do this once, and the browser will ‘remember’ the settings the next time you log in.

The Nimbus service is down

If the Nimbus service is down, submit a form to ASK ICT

Unable to access a process map

If you require access to additional process maps or folders within Nimbus, contact the Business Process Owner or the Process Author in the first instance, to request access. 

If you need further assistance, Contact us

Any other questions

Should you need assistance with any other requests or questions, please Contact us