The College has not yet implemented Nimbus College-wide (this is likely to change in future).  In the meantime, access to mapped processes is granted on a case by case basis. 

  • The Business Process Owner is responsible for ensuring that a published process is shared with the relevant College stakeholders, once it is approved for publication. 
  • The BPA is responsible for approving user access requests, ensuring that the College does not exceed its licence allocation at any time.
  • The Process Author is responsible for ensuring that the relevant process map is made accessible to the appropriate users within Nimbus.

 To request Nimbus viewing access to one or more mapped processes, submit a request through ASK ICT.

View mapped processes within Nimbus

Once you have been granted access to Nimbus, you can log in and view processes via the web front end.  You will receive an automated email to inform you when your user account is set up.

Nimbus Home Page

To log in:

  • Go to Nimbus Cloud
  • Enter your College username and password. 

Once logged in you will see the Nimbus Home Page. 

You can navigate to specific processes or storyboards using the options on the left-hand pane. 

Once you have a process or storyboard open on screen, you can optionally add it as a favourite on your home page by clicking the Star icon in the top right corner.

What is the difference between a Process Map and a Storyboard?

Process Map

Process Map presents an end-to-end business process in diagram form. Depending on the size and complexity of the process, a single map may incorporate many child diagrams and will typically span activities and roles performed by many different people or systems. You can navigate around a process map and its child diagrams by using the clickable on-screen arrows and flow line links.

A process map

A Storyboard

A Storyboardpresents a walkthrough of a process map from the perspective of a specific role or business scenario.  For example, someone who is hiring a staff member may choose to view a version of the HR eRecruitment process, which walks through the process and highlights only the activities for which the ‘Hiring Manager’ is responsible.  To navigate through a storyboard, you simply need to click the ‘next’ arrow at the bottom of the screen.

A storyboard

Accesibility Statement: request a text-only version of a process map

By default, the Nimbus BPMS presents processes in the form of graphical, interactive diagrams. If this does not meet your accessibility needs, a text-only version may be requested at any time. 

To request a text-only version of one or more process maps, contact the BPA at