Our work

A unique position in development

PCD adopts a cross-sectoral approach to develop the most effective scaled and sustainable solutions to improve the education health and nutrition of children in low-and middle-income countries. 

How we work

PCD brings together a distinct combination of academic excellence, technical expertise and high-level networks to Governments looking to develop and strengthen their school health and nutrition programmes. 

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Where we work

With country offices in Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria, PCD works with Governments and development partners from over 50 countries from across the globe.     

Schools and Public Health Website

Find out more about all aspects of SHN at www.schoolsandhealth.org

Home Grown School Feeding

PCD administer the HGSF-Global website. A resource and documents site cover all issues around Home Grown School Feeding programmes. Visit www.hgsf-global.org for more information.

Global School Feeding Sourcebook

PCD together with the World Bank and World Food Programme have just published the Global School Feeding Sourcebook: Lessons from 14 Countries. Download for free @ www.hgsf-global.org