Girls drinkingEach year 200 to 500 million school days are estimated to be lost in low-income countries due to common health problems experienced by schoolchildren, including worm infections, iron-deficiency anaemia and hunger.

With your support we can raise awareness on the importance of inclusive school health and nutrition (SHN) programmes to increase the educational achievement of children and reduce global poverty and disease.

PCD, based at Imperial College London, is a charitable organisation (Charity Number 273071). 

Ways to get involved


Whatever you are able to give will help us to tackle the many boundaries faced by schoolchildren around the world. From as little as $20 you could help to deworm and feed a child for an entire year. See Ways to donate.


Partner with us

Partnerships are essential to the PCD's work around the world as we collaborate with governments, multilateral and bilateral agencies, NGOs and private sector organisations. 

Spread the word

There are many other ways that you can help us to make a positive impact for school children around the world.

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  • Join the SHN debate by signing up to SchoolHealth 
  • Write to your local MP and use the local media to raise awareness on inclusive SHN programming. Feel free to use these key points as a guide.