table discussionPERC works with and facilitates several public involvement groups and platforms which are available to Imperial researchers to access to help ensure their research is relevant and acceptable to patients and the public. Find out more about each of the groups below:


The VOICE network is an online platform and community for public engagement and involvement. The platform brings together a diverse group of public members and aims to improve and facilitate the way patients and members of the public are involved in research. Established at Newcastle University, Imperial College London became the first collaborator to join VOICE in January 2019 giving Imperial College researchers the ability to engage in discussions with members and post opportunities for involvement in their research.

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Young Person’s Advisory Network (YPAN)

The YPAN was first launched Autumn 2019 as a collaboration between PERC, the Institute of Global Health Innovation and the Imperial College Trials Unit to enable people aged 17 to 25 to guide and inform research projects across Imperial College that are relevant to young people. It now has over 50 members. The YPAN is available to support BRC-funded researchers and researchers affiliated with the Institute of Global Health Innovation and Imperial College Trials Unit.

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