group discussionWho can access the YPAN

The YPAN is available to support Imperial BRC-researchers and researchers associated with the Imperial Institute of Global Health Innovation and the Imperial Clinical Trials Unit who seek the input of young people into their research project.

How to access the YPAN

Once you have a public involvement proposal that you would like to involve the YPAN in, please complete the YPAN Submission Request Form and email it back either to or your centre's public involvement lead (see FAQ below to find your public involvement lead).

Once submitted, your opportunity request will then be reviewed by a member of the relevant team at Imperial. Please note that it may take multiple iterations to refine and send out the public involvement opportunity to the YPAN so please ensure you submit your request with ample time before you would like to hold your involvement activity.

If you would like to discuss your young person’s involvement opportunity and/or need help completing the submission form, please contact your relevant public involvement lead within your centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is my public involvement lead and contact?

Research Group or CentreName of ContactEmail of Contact
Imperial Biomedical Research Centre (Imperial BRC) Halle Johnson, Public Involvement Officer (PERC)
Imperial Clinical Trials Unit (ICTU)

Marie Miller, Public Involvement Coordinator

Institute of Global Health Innovation (IGHI)

Clare McCrudden, Patient & Public Involvement Manager (maternity cover for Anna Lawrence-Jones)

What kind of involvement opportunities are suitable for young people?

There are numerous examples and different ways of involving young people in research. They can start being involved at any stage in the research, from identifying topics, prioritising and commissioning, through to planning, undertaking, evaluating and disseminating.  However, we recommend that they should be involved as early as possible in the research so they can have the greatest chance of influencing and shaping the research.

Check out the following examples of involving young people in research:

You can also find more ideas and examples within our Public Involvement Resource Hub.

How can I access the voices of young people if I am not associated with the above centres?

There are a number of young person advsiory groups actively engaged in research across the country.

GenerationR Alliance is a National Network of Young People’s Advisory Group’s based across the UK. You can find contact details for each of their young people's groups on their webpage.

You can also post your opportunity on online public involvement platforms such as VOICE

If you would like further advice on reaching out to younger person's advisory groups feel free to contact

Is there any training or guidance available for involving young people in research?

Check out some of the below resources and guidance to help you plan and deliver public involvement with young people:

We also require researchers who are accessing the YPAN to undertake Imperial Safeguarding training or equivalent safeguarding training for young people before a workshop, activity or event is held with the YPAN.

Please also note if  17 year olds are present during your activity you will require a current DBS check or will require involvement of a public involvement lead with a DBS certificate.