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Why involve the public/patients at these stages?

Patients and members of the public who have been involved in research are often passionate to ensure that something happens as a result of it. They often have existing relationships (or be in a position to establish new ones) with key stakeholders and policy makers, which in turn can facilitate effective implementation of your research. What's more, they're in an ideal position to provide feedback on what difference, if any, your research or project has made, and the way it was undertaken.

How your research could benefit

Involving patients or the public in implementing and/or evaluating your research can:

  • Help your project have greater, measurable impact
  • Improve public opinion, acceptance or insight into your research area
  • See your work reach and be adopted by more diverse groups
  • Raise your team's/organisation’s profile, which may improve future funding opportunities
  • Gain a wider range of perspectives on the research project, process and impact, including any public involvment activities

How you could benefit

Involving the public at these stages can have a positive impact on you too:

  • Gain useful connections and relationships with key teams, stakeholders, organisations and policy makers
  • Receive greater public recognition and validation for your work (esp. where public involvement has been embedded prior to implementation)
  • Find renewed motivation, energy and focus to ensure your research makes a measurable impact for those who need it
  • Continue to develop and improve the way you involve people in your work in order to optimise the translatability of your research

Ways to involve the public

  • Get assistance in gaining recognition for your work
  • Use the power of their patient/public voice to influence key communities and decision makers, or lobby for change
  • Ask for creative ways to implement or maximise the impact of your work
  • Collaborate with patients/the public in evaluating the impact of the research, the process and their own involvement

Here are a few real-life examples for inspiration:

Next steps

If you're interested in the benefits of public involvement at this stage, here's how to getting going:

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