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AB - BackgroundVariable responses to hypothermic neuroprotection are related to the clinical heterogeneity of encephalopathic babies, hence better disease stratification may facilitate the development of individualized neuroprotective therapies.ObjectivesWe examined if whole blood gene expression analysis can identify specific transcriptome profiles in neonatal encephalopathy. Material and MethodsWe performed next generation sequencing on whole blood RNA from twelve babies with neonatal encephalopathy, and six time-matched healthy term babies. The significantly differentially expressed genes between encephalopathic and control babies were identified. This set of genes was then compared to the host RNA response in septic neonates and subjected to pathway analysis. ResultsWe identified 950 statistically significant genes discriminating perfectly between the healthy controls and neonatal encephalopathy. The major pathways in neonatal encephalopathy were axonal guidance signaling (p =0.0009), granulocyte adhesion and diapedesis (p = 0.003), IL-12 Signaling and Production in Macrophages (p= 0.003) and hypoxia-inducible factor 1α signaling (p = 0.004). There were only 137 genes in common between neonatal encephalopathy and bacterial sepsis sets. ConclusionBabies with neonatal encephalopathy have striking differences in gene expression profiles compared with healthy control and septic babies. Gene expression profile may be useful for disease stratification based and for developing personalized neuroprotective therapies.
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