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AB - Evolution to multicellularity from an aggregate of cells involves altruistic cooperation between individual cells, which is in conflict with Darwinian evolution. How cooperation arises and how a cell community resolves such conflicts remains unclear. In this study, we investigated the spontaneous emergence of cell differentiation and the subsequent division of labour in evolving cellular metabolic networks. In spatially extended cell aggregates, our findings reveal that resource limitation can lead to the formation of subpopulations and cooperation of cells, and hence multicellular communities. A specific example of our model can explain the recently observed oscillatory growth in Bacillus subtilis biofilms.
AU - Rotrattanadumrong,R
AU - Endres,RG
DO - 1361-6463/aa7097
PY - 2017///
SN - 0022-3727
TI - Emergence of cooperativity in a model biofilm
T2 - Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics
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