December 2021

  • Congratulations to Maddalena Salvalaio for the publication of a great paper on root electrotropism: Salvalaio, M. et al. Root electrotropism in Arabidopsis does not depend on auxin distribution but requires cytokinin biosynthesis. Plant Physiol (2021) (doi). The final step of a long work in the lab, contributed by many incredible lab members!
  • A warm welcome to Menglu Wu, a Master student who will work on a comparative project on electroreception in plant roots and nematodes.


November 2021


October 2021

  • A new research paper by Livia Kalossaka, part of the collaboration with Connor Myant, is out: Kalossaka, L.M., Mohammed, A.A., Sena, G. et al. 3D printing nanocomposite hydrogels with lattice vascular networks using stereolithography. Journal of Materials Research 36, 4249–4261 (2021). (doi). This is very exciting work towards the realisation of a 3D-printed, hydrogel-based, substrate for plant cultivation in microgravity conditions. Stay tuned for more!


September 2021

  • GS nominated on the Editorial Board of the journal Bioelectricity
  • Great review on 3D-printing hydrogels published by Livia Kalossaka:  Kalossaka, L. M., Sena, G., Barter, L. M. C. & Myant, C. Review: 3D printing hydrogels for the fabrication of soilless cultivation substrates. Appl Mater Today 24, 101088 (2021). (doi).  This is part of an ongoing collaboration with the group of Connor Myant at Imperial's Dyson School of Design Engineering, where we are studying 3d-printed, soil-less solutions for root growth.


June - August 2021

  • Lab's activities slowed down quite a bit, due to various imposed restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.


May 2021


April 2021

  • A big welcome to Janni Seppa, who is joining the lab for her second project towards the Mres in Plant Molecular and Microbial Science. She will continue Molly's work on the genetics of root electrotropism. 


March 2021

  • Our paper on tracking cell divisions in time-lapse fluorescence is finally published: Saoirse A., Fallesen T., Pruessner G. and Sena G., A random-sampling approach to track cell divisions in time-lapse fluorescence microscopy Plant Methods, 2021 17(1):25 (doi). Many congrats to Sirsh and all the authors!