Centre for Plasmonics and Metamaterials
The Centre for Plasmonics & Metamaterials is a new cross-faculty grouping at Imperial covering a broad range of research in plasmonics and metamaterials. We are working on both fundamental research, through theory and proof-of-concept experimental studies, and on application-oriented work towards highly disruptive technologies for energy, communication and computing, as well as healthcare. The Centre also runs a one-year Masters course in Plasmonics & Metamaterials.

EPSRC Reactive Plasmonics programme
This UK programme grant project is a collaborative effort between King’s College (Prof Anatoly Zayats) and Imperial (Profs Stefan Maier, Lesley Cohen, Neil Alford, and Dr Rupert Oulton), and has at its central theme the investigation of hot electron effects in plasmonic nanostructures, and the development of novel plasmonic materials. Project partners include Seagate, NPL, Oxonica, Witec, and QinetiQ.

Leverhulme Project on Metamaterials and the Control of Electromagnetic Fields
This project, funded by the Leverhulme Trust and headed by Profs Sir John Pendry and Stefan Maier, has as its goal the establishment of Metamaterials as a new research discipline, and has funded three new faculty positions, amongst them Leverhulme Chair Prof Ortwin Hess. Nanoplasmonics here serves as an enabling technology for the realisation of metamaterials in the optical part of the electromagnetic spectrum.