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AB - © 2018 The Author (s). We show in this work that coherent phonons generated after the decay of optically-excited plasmons in isolated metallic nanoantennas, are transmitted through the substrate as surface acoustic waves (SAWs) which can be detected by other nanoantennas used as receptors and positioned at distances up to 3μm away from the source. Two color sub-ps pump-probe technique and numerical methods suggest wave speed and amplitude decay characteristic of Rayleigh waves, the former within 3.2% of the predicted for fused silica. It is also shown that the mechanical excitation of the receptors via SAW modulates the optical response of the probe transmission and that its spectral content shows that the detection is feasible, even when the vibrational modes of the receptor are detuned from those of the source.
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TI - Generation and detection of surface acoustic waves using single plasmonic nanoresonators
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