Experimental facilities

The Polymers & Microfluidics group has four laboratories in the ACE building, Chemical Engineering: ACE 509, 512  and 514.

Microfluidics laboratory (ACEX 514)

Transmission and inverted microscopy 


Vacuum Oven


Spin coater

SOFICA and FICA light scattering

Polymer laboratory (ACEX 512)

Light scattering 


Combinatorial laboratory (ACEX 509)

Reflection microscopy 

UV thin film interferometer 

Combinatorial small angle light scattering 

Polymer synthesis and sample preparation laboratory (ACEX 512)

Liquid handler

Dynamic Light Scattering

Analytical services laboratory (BONE 326)

Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) 

Dynamic mechanical thermal analysis (DMTA) 


X-ray diffraction laboratory (RODH 150) 


We also have access to departmental facilities, including the analytical laboratories and the P4 laboratories by arrangement with Prof. Dame Julia Higgins.