Beyond Academia is an online programme targeted at postdocs and fellows who are approaching the end of their contracts and are considering a career transition. 

The programme is for you if:

  • you are a postdoc or fellow whose contract is finishing in the next eight months;
  • you have decided that you wish to seek a career beyond academia and/or research or
  • you want to explore options beyond academia should you decide to leave at some point in the future.

By the end of the programme, you will:

  • have a support network of other people with whom you can share the job-searching journey;
  • have a greater awareness of your career options and how to succeed in finding your next role;
  • have taken the first steps and know what to do next.

Time Commitment

The course runs online across eight weeks and consists of four 90-minute online live sessions and a series of online activities using Zoom, LinkedIn and Miro.

Week 1 - Session 1: Introductions and your digital profile (online)

Introductions and overview (course and each other); managing your online presence (including LinkedIn).

Week 2 - Activities (in your own time)

Developing your online presence

Week 3 - Session 2: Expanding your options and navigating the landscape (online)

Researching what’s out there; Communities of practice; experiments in job searching.

Week 4 - Activities (in your own time)

Expanding your network and researching roles

Week 5 - Session 3: Recruiters and recruitment (online)

What recruiters do and how you can use them; recruitment processes in sectors beyond academia.

Week 6 - Activities (in your own time)

Applications and contacting recruiters

Week 7 - Session 4: Next steps and further support (online)

Review and reflection; your next steps; further sources of support; staying in touch.

Week 8 - Activities and beyond

Keeping in touch and checking in


The programme is usually offered twice a year. For more information about Beyond Academia, please email Anna Seabourne.