One of the main ingredients for professional success, in any field, is an ability to forge and maintain a strong and supportive ‘net’ that ‘works’. 

The PFDC has created a programme of live and online events to provide you with regular opportunities to join peers who are at the same career stage. Imperial fellows come together as a group of emerging new leaders who want to lead well, discuss and share knowledge, and build allyship and support. 

The Imperial Fellows' Leadership Network meets during the academic year for a programme of one-hour webinars and peer-mentoring support sessions. 

The Imperial Leadership Development and Peer Mentoring programme for fellows was conceived by fellows within the Imperial Fellows Leadership Network and developed byanexperienced academic leadership coach,Dr Steve Hutchinson 

It is designed to facilitate valuable connections with peers from various faculties and areas. As a peer mentor, you will have a unique opportunity to actively contribute to creating an inclusive and supportive workplace culture, sharpen your leadership skills, and advance your academic career: 

  • Learn the theory and practice of coaching and mentoring. 
  • Build valuable connections with peers to share ideas, collaborate, and support each other in various aspects of academic life. 
  • Develop your skills in strategic thinking, prioritisation, and workload management.
  • Develop capability around the four themes of the ‘Narrative CV. Get guidance on how to use insights from peer discussions and structured reflection to produce a draft narrative CV that can be used for future fellowship, promotion applications and other academic gateways. 

The next cohort will start on 30 April 2024. Registrations will open in January 2024.

For more information and to register please see the event below.