The Imperial Postdoc and Fellows Enterprise Network (IPFEN) is a network for postdocs, fellows, and clinicians who are interested in knowing more about Entrepreneurship and Enterprise opportunities and activities – whether it is to support your research activity or to explore a new career path.

The Network aims to support early career researchers whether you are a researcher ready to explore the commercial potential of your ideas, discoveries, technologies, and inventions or whether you are just starting out and want to learn more about what falls under the Enterprise umbrella and develop entrepreneurial skills.

The Network is run by a Committee of early career researchers with support from PFDC and Enterprise. The Committee is additionally supported by an Advisory Board.

The initial aims of the Network are:

1. Support and interest: Support early career researchers at all stages of the Enterprise Journey from those who know nothing about Enterprise and Entrepreneurship to those ready to launch their startup. Ensure the range of topics is accessible to early career researchers regardless of their background knowledge.

2. Increased awareness and connections: Better signpost early career researchers to current events, support, and opportunities available to them – specifically from Imperial Enterprise.

3. Increased knowledge, engagement, and networking: Generate additional support / a programme based on the needs of early career researchers, via providing networking events, training, guest speakers and better connections between postdocs themselves and with external parties. 

Read our IPFEN’s first-year report: IPFEN report 2019-2020