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Become a mock interview panellist

Preparing for an interview is vital if you want to succeed in securing a new position. A PFDC mock interview can form an important part of your preparation and help you perform better on the day.

Mock interviews are only available once you have a confirmed invitation to interview.

At the end of the mock interview, you will be better able to:

  • Deliver your interview presentation
  • Answer common interview questions
  • Identify improvements you could make in presenting and answering questions
  • Apply the feedback received in the next mock or real interview

As well as a PFDC mock interview, we recommend you arrange a technical mock interview within your department to help you focus on the technical aspects of your application.

"The mock interview was hugely valuable to me and I greatly appreciated the time and feedback given by the panellists. The Chair’s support was thoughtful, practical and has had a measurable positive effect on my attitude and confidence moving forward."
"When I was at the real interview, giving my presentation and facing the panel, I could hear the difference in my answers and felt I came across so much better after having practised with the panel."
"During the mock interview, I received a lot of constructive comments about the style of my presentation and the proper way to convey the message that I wanted, making a strong case about my qualifications. Some of the questions that were asked during the mock interview were also asked during the actual interview and I felt confident to appropriately answer them."