Lisa_picHi! I am a PhD student as part of the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in BioDesign Engineering Programme. This year, I started with the MRes in Systems and Synthetic Biology as part of this programme. I am working on the production of circular RNA under the supervision of Dr Thomas Ouldridge and Prof Guy-Bart Stan at Imperial College London and Dr Wooli Bae at the University of Surrey.

I graduated from University College London in 2020 with a BSc in Physics & Molecular and Cell Biology. I was exposed to systems and synthetic biology for the first time in a summer project under the supervision of Prof Chris Barnes. I then completed an MPhil in Biotechnology at the University of Cambridge, where I worked on DNA nanostructures for the delivery of drugs to bacterial biofilms under the supervision of Dr Ioanna Mela and Prof Clemens Kaminski. During this project, I fell in love with the programmability and potential of nucleic acid technologies leading me to apply for this PhD.

Now, I am excited to be part of this interdisciplinary and exciting team of researchers!