Developers - S. Kucherenko, O. Zaccheus

SobolGSA is general purpose GUI driven global sensitivity analysis and metamodeling software. It can be used to compute various sensitivity measures and/or to develop metamodels.

There is a choice of three different metamodeling techniques, including Quasi Random Sampling-High dimensional model representation (QRS-HDMR) method both with regression and projection methods and radial basis function method. The improved QRS-HDMR method is described in [1-3]. SobolGSA can be used to construct metamodels either from explicitly known models or directly from data produced by "black-box" models. SobolGSA can be applied to both static and time-dependent problems. It can handle several outputs for analysis; each output can be time-dependent. Developed metamodels are produced in a form of self-contained MATLAB or C# files which can be used as accurate, reliable and very fast surrogates of the original CPU-expensive full scale models.

SobolGSA is a tool for global sensitivity analysis (GSA). GSA methods evaluate the effect of a factor while all other factors are varied as well and thus they account for interactions between variables and do not depend on the choice of a nominal point like local sensitivity analysis methods. The set of available global sensitivity analysis techniques includes screening methods (Morris measure), variance (Sobol’ indices, FAST) and derivative based sensitivity measures [4-8].

Sensitivity measures can be computed directly using MC/QMC techniques or by building metamodels first and then computing sensitivity measures using metamodels. The second approach is a much cheaper in terms of required function evaluations.

All techniques implemented in SobolGSA make use of Quasi Monte Carlo sampling based on Sobol sequences [9,10]. The software has a user friendly interface for inputs and presenting results. SobolGSA can be linked to MATLAB and other packages. Software includes detailed manuals, case studies and a set of test problems with descriptions for benchmarking and training.

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