An image of a patient being fitted with a sleep mask and headphones for psychedelic research therapy

Information about studies and surveys

Online survey studies


Breathwork survey study

The Breathwork Survey aims to assess the effects of various forms of breathwork on well-being related variables. For more information please visit


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Ceremony survey study

Data collection is facilitated at various ceremony sites as part of the Centre for Psychedelic Research pilot. The goal is to quantitatively analyse participants' experiences at these ceremony sites, tracking changes in their wellbeing resulting from the psychedelic experiences. For more information please visit

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Meditation retreat survey

The Meditation Survey aims to characterise the psychological effects and impact of meditation retreats on various effects in mental health and wellbeing. For more information please visit here.


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Psychedelics and couples

Are you planning to take a MDMA, a psychedelic drug/attend a psychedelic retreat with your romantic partner and want to help psychedelic research?  
Imperial College London is now investigating the long-term effects of taking psychedelics, MDMA, ketamine, 2C-B, etc.. in romantic couples, from intimacy to attachment styles and sexual satisfaction. For more information visit Psychedelics and Couples Survey.

This study is online and for people in a romantic relationship, however you can also participate by yourself if your partner do not want to participate. One member of the couple must enrol in the study first before receiving a unique link to share the study with their partner. You will be asked to select the date of your experience and you will receive questionnaires at five different timepoints.

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