European collaboration is essential to the success of UK science – it is the building block to wider global engagement and maintains research excellence. Over half of all publications Imperial has co-authored with organisations outside of the EU between 2014 and 2019 also have at least one co-author from an organisation within the EU. 

The EU funds research collaboration through its Horizon framework programmes which are the only international research schemes of scale anywhere in the world and provide extensive networks of collaboration. Horizon includes the European Research Council (ERC) which funds the best scientists for cutting-edge research at the frontiers of knowledge in their field, including at Imperial. ERC grants are the most prestigious grants in Europe and among some of the most respected in the world. At Imperial, funding from the ERC has played a significant role in supporting pioneering research in STEM, medicine and business.

Imperial researchers work with partners all over Europe to develop the latest technologies and ground-breaking discoveries – sharing expertise, infrastructure and advancing knowledge for the benefit of all. Hover over the map to discover some of these projects and the partners involved. 

Credit: map design by Ian Dutnall

Imperial's impact across Europe

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