GeoArabia, 05-08 March, Bahrain
13th International Symposium on Reservoir Wettability and its Effect on Oil Recovery, 8-9 May 2018, University of Texas at Austin
CPM-8: the 8th International Workshop “Characterization of Porous Materials: from Angstroms to Millimeters”, Florida, May 6-9
Interpore, 10th Annual Meeting and Jubilee Conference from May 14th to 17th, 2018, New Orleans, USA
London Petrophysical Society, evening seminar, May 15th
Computational Methods in Water Resources XXII, 3 – 7 June, 2018, Saint Malo – France
Lab-on-a-chip & Microfluidics EUROPE 2018 5 – 6 June, 2018, Rotterdam, Netherlands
EAGE's 80th Annual Conference and Exhibition 2018, Copenhagen, 11-14 June
Tenth Liblice Conference on the Statistical Mechanics of Liquids, 17-22 June, Czech Republic
20th Symposium on Thermophysical Properties, 24-29 June, Boulder, Colorado
Foundations of Molecular Modelling and Simulations “FOMMS” meeting, July 15-20, Delavan, WI, USA
Workshop on validation approaches for multiscale porous media models, 16-18 July, Nottingham, UK
Synchrotron, Brazil, Date 23rd July
Gordon Conference on flow and transport in porous media, Newry, ME, USA, 8-13 July
International Conference on Chemical Thermodynamics, 05-10 August, California, USA
Goldschmidt 2018, 12-17 August, Boston
Interpore Conference UK 2018, 10-11 September, Aberdeen, UK
Collaborative Computational Project for Computer Simulation CCP5, 10-11 September, Manchester, UK
German Conference for Research with Synchrotron Radiation, Neutrons and Ion Beams at Large Facilities, Sep 17-19 2018
Equiface 2018 - Conference on Phase Equilibria and Fluid Properties for Process Design, 22nd – 25th October,  Cordoba, Argentina
21st International Drying Symposium, 18-21 September 2018, Valencia, Spain
IEAGHG’s GHGT-14, 21-26 October, Melbourne, Australia
The EAGE 5th CCUS Workshop, Utrecht, 21-23 November
AGU 2018, 10-11 December, Washington, USA



The Geological Society,28-1 Feb/March, London
ACE 2017 APPG, 02-05 May, Houston
Interpore 08-11 May, The Netherlands
European Symposium on Applied Thermodynamics, 18-21 May, Romania
Petrophase 2017, 11-15 June, France
9th Trondheim conference on CO2 capture, transport and storage 12-14 June, Norway
Goldschmidt, 13-18 August, Paris
European Conference on Thermophysical Properties (ECTP) 3 – 8 September, Austria
Thermodynamics, 5-8 September, Edinburgh
AAPG 15-18 October, London
AlChe Annual Meeting, 29 Oct – 3 Nov, Minneapolis
36th Annual GCSSEPM Foundation Perkins-Rosen Research Conference , 4-5 December, Houston, Texas


Clumped Isotope workshop 6-8 January, St Petersburg, Florida
GeoArabia meeting, 7-10 March, Bahrain
QF Annual Conference, 22-23 March, Doha, Qatar.
EAGE-SCA, 30-31 March, China
SPE IOR/EOR, 9-10 April, Oklahoma, USA
Interpore 2016, 9-12 May, Cincinnati, Ohio
PPEPPD 2016 22–26 May Lisbon, Portugal
AAPG-ACE 2016 19-22nd June
PetroPhase 2016, 19-23 June, Elsinore, Denmark
Goldschmidt, 26 June - 1 July, Yokohama, Japan
Royal Society of Chemistry Faraday Discussion on CCS, 18-20 July, Sheffield, UK
Gordon Research Conference on Flow & Transport in Permeable Media, 31 July – 5 August, Girona, Spain
13th International X-Ray Microscopy Conference, 15-19 August, Oxford, UK
Society Core Analysts, 21-26 August, Colarado
Society Petroleum Engineers ATCE, 26-28 September, Dubai
AlChE, 13-18 November, San Francisco
IEAGHG13 - 13th Int. Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies, 14-18 November, Lausane, Switzerland



IEA, UN ESCWA, Masdar Institute, and ADNOC joint workshop "Using CO2-EOR in the Gulf States to Reduce CO2 Emissions", 20-21st January Abu Dhabi, UAE.
5th Arabian Plate Geology Workshop – EAGE, 9-11th February, Kuwait City, Kuwait
UKCCSRC Winter School, 16-19 February, Nottingham, UK
SPE Reservoir Simulation Symposium, 23-25February, Houston, USA
Global Environmental Systems Leaders Workshop on Molecular Simulation, 17-18 March, Japan
1st EAGE Workshop for Well Injectivity and Productivity In Carbonates, 30th March – 1st April, Doha, Qatar
ChemEngDay 2015, 8-9 April Sheffield, UK
EGU General Assembly, 12-17 April, Vienna, Italy
InterPore 2015, 18-21 May, Padova, Italy
ICSEC15, 11-12 May, Doha
SAFT 2015, 17-19 May, Houston, USA
CECAM workshop "Simulation of systems under thermodynamic-like gradients", 20-22 May, Zaragoza, Spain
EAGE, 1-4 June, Spain
AAPG Meeting, 31st May - 3rd June, Denver, Colorado, USA.
Gordon Research Conference in CCS, May 31st – June 5th,  Massachusetts, USA
Petrophase 2015, 6-11 June, Mexico
28th European Symposium on Applied Thermodynamics, 11-14 June, Athens, Greece
Trondheim CCS Conference, 16-18 June, Norway
19th Symposium on Thermpohypscial Properties, 21-26June, Border, Colorado, USA
EUROCLAY2015 conference, 5th July, Edinburgh, UK
Bathurst Meeting, 13-16th July, Edinburgh, UK
Discrete Simulation of Fluid Dynamics (DSFD) conference, 13-17 July, Edinburgh, UK
International Conference for Mesoscopic Methods in Engineering and Science, 20-24 July, 2015, Beijing, China
Goldschmidt Conference,  15-21August, Prague, Czechoslovakia.
Society of Core Analysts Annual Meeting, 16-20August, Newfoundland, Canada.
Thermodynamics 2015, 15-18 September, Denmark
SPE ACTE, 28-30 September, Houston, USA.
AIChE 2015 Annual Meeting, 8-13 November, Salt Lake City UT, USA
IPTC Meeting, 6-9 December, Doha, Qatar
AGU Fall Meeting, 14-18December, San Francisco, USA.
BSRG 19-22 December, Newcastle, UK


IPTC 2014, January 20-22. Doha,
GEOArabia 2014, March 9-12 Bahrain, .
The Physics of Soft and Biological Matter, Cambridge, UK, 14-16 April.
SAFT 2014, Portugal, 22-24 April.
EGU General Assembly, Vienna, 27 April - 2 May.
InterPore 2014, Milwaukee, US, 27-30 May.

International Conference on New Trends in Transport Phenomena, Ottawa, Canada, 1-2 May
Goldschmidt 2014, Sacramento, US, 8-13 June.
Computational Methods in Water Resources (CMWR), Stuttgart, 10-13 June
European CCS R&D Workshop, Cranfield University, UK, 18 June
Petrophase 2014- The 15th Int. Conference on Petroleum Phase Behavior and Fouling, Texas, US, 8 – 12 June
27th European Symposium on Applied Thermodynamics, Eindhoven, the Netherlands, 6-9 July
Gordon Research Conference in Flow in Permeable Media, Lewiston, USA, 6-11 July
9th Liquid Matter conference, Lisbon, 21-25 July.
23rd Conference on the Discrete Simulation of Fluid Dynamics Paris, France, July 28 – August 1
9th World Congress of Chemical Engineers (ICCT), Durban, South Africa, 18-23 August.
20th European Conference on Thermophysical Properties, Porto, Portugal, 1-4 September
Society of Core Analysts Annual Meeting, Avignon, France, 8-12 September.
ECMOR 2014, Sicily, Italy, 8-11 September.
Rock & Fluid Physics: Academic and Industrial Perspectives, Shell, Amsterdam, September 15-18.
GHGT – 12, Austin, Texas, 5-9 October.
Qatar University Gas Processing Symposium, Doha, October 26-27.
SPE ACTE, Amsterdam, 27-29 October. QF Annual Conference, Doha, November 18-19. 8t
IPTC Conference, Malaysia, 10-12 December. AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, December 16-20.


European Geosciences Union General Assembly, Vienna, Austria, 7-12 April 2013
EAGE 17th IOR/EOR conference, 16-18 April 2013
AAPG 2013 ACE, Pittsburgh, USA, 19-22 May 2013
INTERPORE 2013, Prague, Czech Republic, 21-24 May 2013
PPEPPD 2013, 26-30 May 2013
75th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2013, London, United Kingdom, 10-13 June 2013
SIAM 2013, San Diego, CA, USA, 8-12 July 2013
30th IAS Meeting of Sedimentology, Manchester, England, 2-5 September 2013
International Soft Matter Conference 2013, Rome, Italy, 15-19 September 2013
SCA 2013 Symposium, Napa, California, USA, 15-19 September 2013
EAGE Sustainable Earth Science Conference “Technologies for Sustainable Use of the Deep Sub-surface”, Pau France, 30 Sep - 4 October 2013
SPE ATCE 2013, New Orleans, USA, 30 Sep -2 October 2013
2013 AIChE Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, 3-8 November 2013


AAPG/SPE/SEG Hedberg Research Conference, Fundamental Controls on Flow in Carnonates Provence, France, July 8-13, 2012
International Conference on Chemical Thermodynamics, Brazil, August 2012
Society of Core Analysts 2012 Symposium, Aberdeen, UK, 27 - 30 August 2012
SPE Mathematical Methods, Turkey, 3-5 Sept. 2012
SPE ATCE, Houston, Texas, Oct. 2012
Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, North Carolina, USA 4-7 Nov. 2012
American Physical Society 65th Annual DFD Meeting, San Diego, CA, USA 18-20 Nov. 2012
Industrial Structural Geology: Principles, Techniques and Integration, The Geological Society, London 28-30 November 2012
UNFCC - COP18, Doha, Qatar, Nov 23 - 7 Dec, 2012