Current projects involve 2 PhD students and 12 post-doctoral researcher associates/fellows and include research in the fields of:

  1. Rock-fluid Interactions - mineral dissolution
  2. Phase behaviour of carbon dioxide and reservoir fluids (i.e., brines and hydrocarbons)
  3. Interfacial properties of reservoir fluids and effects of confinement
  4. Impurities in the CO2 stream i) interfacial properties and ii) phase Behaviour
  5. Transport properties, extending HTHP rheology, viscosity/density data
  6. Molecular Equations of State (thermodynamic EoS modelling) - SAFT
  7. Transport property models - VW viscosity

    Experimental Officer

    Dr Emmanuel Efika

    Researchers/Research Fellow

    Dr Branko Bijeljic
    Dr John Crawshaw
    Benaiah Anabaraonye - "Mineral reaction rates relevant to carbon sequestration in carbonate reservoirs"
    Dr Ruien Hu - "Rheology of Carbon Dioxide and Crude Oil Mixtures"
    Dr Andrew Haslam - "Molecular equations of state (thermodynamics and modelling)"
    Dr Lisa Joss - "Multi-scale imaging of gas sorption in microporous rocks
    Dr Srikanth Ravipati - "Molecular equations of state (thermodynamics and modelling)"
    Dr Mihaela Stevar - "Interfacial properties of CO2 - water/brine - mineral systems at reservoir conditions"
    Dr Yolanda Sanchez-Vicente "Phase equilibrium of non-aqueous systems"
    Dr Geraldine Torin Ollarves "Phase Equilibrium of non-aqueous systems"
    Dr Binh Thanh Nguyen- "Molecular equations of state and transport models for Qatar fluids"
    Dr Johann-Philipp Crusius - "prediction of viscosity of asymmetric mixtures using molecular dynamics"

    Postgraduate Students

    Takeshi Kurotori - "Hydrodynamic dispersion and heterogeneity during miscible and immiscible displacements "
    Ayo Rufai - "Reactive Transport and the Effects of Carbon Dioxide Injection into Fractured Systems: Micro-models"

    Former Researchers/Students

    Dr Saif Al Ghafri - "Hydrocarbon-CO2 phase behaviour / brine-CO2 densities"
    Dr Shane Cadogan - "Diffusion of CO2 in Fluids Relevant to Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage"
    Claudio Calabrese - "Viscosity of mixtures relevant to carbon sequestration: CO2 in brines and hydrocarbons"
    Carolina Contreras-Quintanilla - Impurities in the CO2 stream (Phase behaviour)
    Dr Emily Chapman - "Microfluidic Visualisation and Analysis of Multiphase Flow Phenomena at the Pore Scale"
    Dr Florence Chow - "Interfacial properties of CO2/brine and the effects of impurities"
    Dr Simon Dufal - "Development and application of advanced thermodynamic molecular description of complex reservoir fluids containing carbon dioxide and brines"
    Dr Daniel Eriksen - "Molecular equations of state (thermodynamics and modelling"
    Dr Oussama Gharbi - "Fluid-rock interactions in carbonates: applications to CO2 storage"
    Dr Rayane Hoballah - "Phase equilibrium of aqueous systems "
    Dr Shuxin Hou - "Water-CO2 phase behaviour"
    Dr Xuesong Li - "Interfacial properties of reservoir fluids and rocks"
    Dr Mark McBride - "Viscosity and density of aqueous fluids with dissolved CO2
    Dr Cheng Peng - "Chemical Interactions Between CO2 Acidified Aqueous Fluids and Carbonate Minerals"
    Dr Nico Riesco - Transport Properties PredictionDr Catinca Secuiana - "Interfacial properties of CO2 - water/brine - mineral systems at reservoir conditions"
    Dr Rudolf Umla - "The Enskog-2 model, a new viscosity model for simple fluids and alkanes"

Previous work incorporated the early stages of Project 4 prior to "Digital Rocks" becoming a major component of the programme. 
A full list of publications related to this project are available here.