PhD Research Student

Extension 42644


Office 410B, ACEX Building

Department of Chemical Engineering 




2013 - present

PhD in Chemical Engineering, REaCT group, Imperial College London

Project: Prduction Stabilization and Carbon Capture of Gas Hydrates

2012 - 2013

MSc in Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London

Project: Prduction Stabilization and Carbon Capture of Gas Hydrates

2010 - 2011

Exchange Student, University of Houston

Final Year Project: Design of Phenol Plant via Cumene in Aspen 

2007 - 2010

BEng  in Chemical Engineering, East China University of Science and Technology


Vast quantities of methane hydrates are existing along the continental margin and permafrost regions, which are promising to meet the future energy demand. Since carbon dioxide hydrates are more stable than methane hydrates, it is possible to extract methane from methane hydrates while capture carbon dioxide in the gas hydrate reservoir. To recover methane hydrates economically and safely, it is necessary to understand the mechanisms behind the formation, decomposition and guest molecule exchanging of methane hydrates. The PhD project is mainly focusing on understanding the exchange mechanism of methane hydrates with carbon dioxide and other gas mixtures by using High Pressure Differential Scanning Calorimetry and Raman Spectroscopy at representative low temperature and elevated pressure. Furthermore, gas exchange in engineered mesoporous silica (SBA-15) will be studied to give an insight of hydrate exchanging in controlled porous structure.