PhD Research Student


Office 425, ACEX Building

Department of Chemical Engineering 




2011 - present

PhD Research Student, REaCT group, Imperial College London


Maha Alsayegh is a PhD research student working on the design of high temperature sorbents for CO2 capture from industrial effluents, which is one of the technologies showing a good potential to capture CO2 from oil refineries and stationary CO2 sources in a cost- effective way. Controlling carbon emissions into the atmosphere is of global interest and many CO2 capture technologies have been investigated to mitigate greenhouse effect. In her research, she focuses on alkali based systems, carbon based systems, and substituted zirconates to come up with a cost effective sorbent for CO2capture.

Maha commented " In addition to all the excitement and unexpected discoveries that comes with scientific research, I am looking forward to the experience and knowledge that I am going to gain by doing my PhD research in the field of carbon capture. As a scientist working on research related to oil industry, I am hoping that this experience will enhance my career and enable me to lead research projects when I go back to my work place".