Imperial Global Singapore (IGS) is Imperial’s formal legal entity in Singapore to undertake research and innovation projects in collaboration with universities, industry, government, and third-sector partners from across the Singapore ecosystem.

Imperial is a globally engaged academic institution dedicated to actively co-developing partnerships with researchers and research ecosystems across the world. Singapore is a world-leading R&D centre where the College has a long history of collaboration, specifically, through our key strategic partnership with Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Imperial Global Singapore aims to cement Imperial within the Singaporean ecosystem, building-on the Imperial-College London-NTU strategic partnership and other long-term academic partnerships to enable a wide range of projects in collaboration with university, industry, government, and third-sector partners from across Singapore and ASEAN region.

Hosted at the Singapore National Research Foundations Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise (CREATE), IGS provides the physical and administrative infrastructure to extend Imperial’s research and innovation activities to Singapore.  CREATE is an international research campus and innovation hub that hosts interdisciplinary research centres from top global universities and research institutes to work in collaboration with local institutions. The CREATE ecosystem includes other key Imperial strategic partners including CNRS, MIT, and TU Munich.