Imperial College London was awarded a four year ESRC Impact Acceleration Account (ESRC IAA) and subsequent bridging year to support a diverse suite of activities running until March 2019.

The IAA helped us to encourage two-way dialogue and collaboration between our social scientists and research users in external organisations, in order to maximise the potential impact of social science research on policy and practice.

The objectives for the ESRC Impact Acceleration Account were to:

  1. maximise the impact of social science research at Imperial, by providing opportunities for social science research to be integrated into our end-user communities,
  2. build partnerships between the social science scholars across the College and the external community, in so doing, embed social science approaches and methods in research throughout our many stakeholders and practitioners,
  3. increase awareness of Imperial’s social science and its impact both externally (the public, business and government) and internally, including closer engagement with the ESRC Social Science week activities to ensure maximum exposure and integration of internal scholarship to an external audience.

The following projects have been supported through the ESRC Impact Acceleration Account Open Call:

Supported Projects 2018-19
Principal InvestigatorDepartmentProject Title
Professor Marcus Perkmann Business School, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Designing effective corporate accelerators
Dr Adam Hawkes Chemical Engineering Understanding consumer energy efficiency behavior through data
Supported Projects 2017-18
Principal InvestigatorDepartmentProject Title
 Dr Jeff Hardy Grantham Institute  BEIS secondment (outward)
 Professor Jenny Nelson Grantham Institute  The impact of energy accounting on emissions mitigation and energy policy
 Professor Andreas Eisingerich Business School, Management  The mobile cognitive behavioural therapy intervention for smoking cessation
 Dr Mireille Toledano School of Public Health  Enhancing engagement in public health research in seldom-heard groups
 Ms Amanda Wolthuizen Communications and Public Affairs  Training to influence policy makers
 Dr Robert Gross Centre for Environmental Policy  Briefing paper on demand response
 Professor Alison Holmes (Enrique Castro-Sanchez) Medicine  Exploiting serious electronic games to modify behaviour
  Professor Alison Holmes (Esmita Charani) Medicine  International and local narratives on the experiences of healthcare professionals diagnosing and treating infections and implementing antimicrobial stewardship
 Professor Roger Kneebone Surgery and Cancer  VISIOT Stage 2
 Professor John Polak Civil and Environmental Engineering  Transforming UK infrastructure appraisal practice: The role of real option portfolios under uncertainty
 Professor Clive Potter Centre for Environmental Policy  The Impact of New International Policy on UK Forest and Conservation Management
 Dr Audrey de Nazelle Centre for Environmental Policy  The impact of smartphone technology on public engagement in air pollution
 Professor Walter Distaso Business School, Finance  Factor Investing - A variance based allocation
Dr Seth Flaxman  Mathematics   Parliamentary Academic Fellowship (outward secondment)

Supported Projects 2016-17
Principal InvestigatorDepartmentProject Title
Professor Martin Siegert Grantham Institute Society led low-carbon transformations: implications on regulatory and policy development and design (inward secondment)
Professor Tim Green Energy Futures Lab A White Paper on Energy Systems Integration
Dr Sharon Weldon Surgery and Cancer VISIOT
Dr Mark Workman Grantham Institute An Organisational Strategic Narrative for the IPCC
Dr Mark Workman Centre for Environmental Policy Utility 2050: Society, Investors and Policy Makers
Dr Arnab Majumdar Civil and Environmental Engineering Development of an investigation and safety analysis tool for airspace infringements (IASTAI)
Dr Aruna Sivakumar Civil and Environmental Engineering DfT Secondment (outward)
Dr Mark Workman Centre for Environmental Policy Decision Framing and Uncertainty Modelling Network
Professor Jenny Nelson Physics Global Energy Governance (inward secondment)
Professor Roger Kneebone Surgery and Cancer Embodied Knowing
Supported Projects 2015-16
Principal InvestigatorDepartmentProject Title
Professor Nigel Brandon Grantham Institute The importance of electricity storage for carbon emissions mitigation
Professor Jonathan Haskell Business School The impact of new communication technologies on productivity growth
Dr Adrian Butler Civil Engineering Social Networking for Pragmatic Improvement of Water Quality and Health in Bangladesh. To find out more about this project please see the case study
Dr Nick Jones Mathematics A Proof of Concept Study for Demonstrating a Network Inference Tool
Supported Projects 2014-15
Principal InvestigatorDepartmentProject Title
Dr Kaveh Madani Centre for Environmental Policy Pathways to low carbon energy: Benefiting from social ‐ science ‐ based decision analysis methods in the strategic assessment of uncertainty in energy policy development
Professor EJ Milner-Gulland Life Sciences Methods for assessing the human wellbeing impacts of nature conservation interventions: a workshop for practitioners
Dr Simon Pooley Life Sciences Data and analysis can save lives: human and crocodilian. To find out more about this project see the related news article
Dr Dalal Alrajeh Computing Building an Intelligent Crime Linkage System. To find out more about this project see the case study
Professor Martin Siegert Grantham Institute Accelerating the development of policy support systems for natural resources management in Nepal. To find out more about this project please see the case study
Dr Alexandra Collins Centre for Environmental Policy Delivering Integrated Catchment Management: The Role of Monitoring and Stakeholder Engagement . To find out more about this project please see the case study
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