Group Leader

  • Dr Alalea Kia

    Personal details

    Dr Alalea Kia Research Fellow, UKRI Future Leaders Fellow and Royal Academy of Engineering Associate Research Fellow

    +44 (0)20 7594 1680

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr Mahmoud Abbaszadeh

Dr Mahmoud Abbaszadeh
Postdoctoral Researcher working on pore structure characterisation and multi-phase modelling

PhD Candidates

Alison Provost

Alison Provost
PhD candidate developing climate change resilient permeable concrete pavements

Yuxi Liang

Yuxi Liang
PhD candidate investigating clogging in permeable concrete pavements

Maria Rachwan

Maria Rachwan
PhD candidate developing high-strength permeable concrete infrastructure


MEng and MSc Students

  • Raagavi Satkunanathan (MEng, 2022/23)
  • Will Dubin (MEng, 2021/22)
  • Jin Kai Lu (MEng, 2021/22)
  • Alison Provost (MSc, 2021/22)
  • Yuxi Liang (MSc, 2021/22)
  • Rui Zhang (MSc, 2021/22)
  • Jason Chu (MSc, 2021/22)
  • Maria Rossich I Cristia (MEng, 2020/21)
  • Luofeng Zhai (MSc, 2020/21)
  • Xiao Yang (MSc, 2020/21)