PhD Opportunities at Resource Geophysics Academy

PhDThe Resource Geophysics Academy at Imperial College London will carry out world class research and train PhD students in geophysics. It provides an excellent opportunity for well-qualified students from top universities of China to gain a PhD degree from Imperial in a technology-oriented discipline that China needs for its long-term development goals.

There are multiple scholarships available immediately. The scholarship is funded by Sinopec, the largest energy-resource company in China. This Sinopec PhD scholarship covers:

  • overseas student fees
  • bursaries for living in London
  • Employment with Sinopec for scholarship recipients when they complete their PhD studies from Imperial.

The PhD studies will focus on innovative and cutting-edge research on both geophysical theory and application. The PhD students will conduct research on hydrocarbon reservoirs, their geophysical responses, and how to use geophysical data for understanding and detecting such reservoirs.


There are two types of scholarships:

  • Full scholarship covers tuition fees (at overseas rate if applicable) and bursaries;
  • Partial scholarship covers tuition fees (at overseas rate if applicable). Students might be granted other scholarships for bursaries, such as CSC scholarship.


The academy currently has 8 vacancies for 2022 entry.

Application Information

Entry Requirements

Who should apply

Successful applicants will have a strong background in some of the following areas:

  • Applied mathematics;
  • Computational skill;
  • Engineering physics;
  • Computing physics;
  • Programming skill such as C.

Applicants should be graduates of Tsinghua, or C9, or 985 universities.

Entry requirements

Applicants are required to meet the academic entry requirement of Imperial College London.
Applicants are required to meet the standard English language requirement.


Our application portal for 2022 entry opened on 4th October 2021. The deadline for applications for our scholarship at Imperial is 7th February 2022.

If you are successful at interview, you will be put forward for the opportunities of the Sinopec Scholarship and Sinopec will organise interviews within 1 month. You can expect to hear about the final outcome by the end of April 2022.

How to apply

Make an application

To apply for a studentship at the Resource Geophysics Academy (RGA), please follow these steps:

Before you apply:

Please see the selection criteria and entry requirements for Postgraduate Research (including academic criteria and language criteria) before beginning your application.

Choose your research area: 

The “proposed research topic” can be either proposed by the applicant or selected from a list of suggested RGA PhD topics and Department of Earth Science and Engineering PhD opportunities. Please send your CV and transcripts to the Academy’s Programme Manager, Dr Jiashun Yao ( We will then get in touch to further discuss your background, experience, and research interests together with your potential supervisor.

Draft your application:

You may send the draft research proposal to the potentialsupervisors and send the draft application to Dr Jiashun Yao ( for comments and suggestions before the final online submission.

Apply online: via the Imperial College Online Application Portal.

Further info can be found in the RGA Brochure.

Supporting documents

  • Valid English test result, which meets Imperial College’s English language requirement;
  • Research proposal;
  • CV (please include full educational background dated back to high-school);
  • Academic transcript(s);
  • A list of referees (at least two and at least one from your undergraduate studies).

For further queries, please contact Academy’s Programme Manager, Jiashun Yao at