Ahmad AlAttar

My name is Ahmad AlAttar and I am a 1st year PhD student at the Robot Intelligence Lab, Imperial College London, working under the supervision of Dr Petar Kormushev.

My research focuses on enabling robots to acquire human-like behaviour through autonomous learning.

I have completed my Bachelor's degree with Honours in Mechatronic Systems Engineering in Simon Fraser University, Canada, in 2017 where I worked on robotic projects that spanned from programming a maze-solving robot to creating a speech recognizing and dialogue managing system for an assisting-bot.

As for my Master's, I studied Electronic Engineering with Management at King's College London and conducted research in applying various Deep Reinforcement Learning algorithms to balance an inverted rotary pendulum.

My passion lies within Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, with a focus on Deep Reinforcement Learning, to bring forth a new generation of intelligent robots that can tackle complex tasks.