The Robotic Additive Manufacturing Lab at Imperial College London will focus on the development of metal 3D printing techniques, applications and automation.

Our research spans across the following themes:


Process improvement

WAAM (wire and arc additive manufacturing) presents fundamental challenges due to its slicing, welding, and planar layering processes. This national facility will accelerate research and development into these processes.

Structural applications

The construction sector uses a quarter of all steel produced worldwide. Large-scale metal 3D printing can reduce this usage, making the sector more sustainable.

Research block 2


The construction sector is still a labour-intensive, on-site industry with the highest number of workplace fatalities. Automation can increase the safety and productivity of this important industry.

Repair and upgrade

Our critical and ageing infrastructure is under increasing pressure from growing urban populations and climate change. Metal 3D printing can help to solve this challenge.