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AB - Being able to reach any desired location in the environmentcan be a valuable asset for an agent. Learning a policy to nav-igate between all pairs of states individually is often not fea-sible. Anall-goals updatingalgorithm uses each transitionto learn Q-values towards all goals simultaneously and off-policy. However the expensive numerous updates in parallellimited the approach to small tabular cases so far. To tacklethis problem we propose to use convolutional network archi-tectures to generate Q-values and updates for a large numberof goals at once. We demonstrate the accuracy and generaliza-tion qualities of the proposed method on randomly generatedmazes and Sokoban puzzles. In the case of on-screen goalcoordinates the resulting mapping from frames todistance-mapsdirectly informs the agent about which places are reach-able and in how many steps. As an example of applicationwe show that replacing the random actions inε-greedy ex-ploration by several actions towards feasible goals generatesbetter exploratory trajectories on Montezuma’s Revenge andSuper Mario All-Stars games.
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