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AB - The design of augmented reality interfaces for people with mobility impairments is a novel area with great potential, as well as multiple outstanding research challenges. In this paper we present an augmented reality user interface for controlling a smart wheelchair with a head-mounted display to provide assistance for mobility restricted people. Our motivation is to reduce the cognitive requirements needed to control a smart wheelchair. A key element of our platform is the ability to control the smart wheelchair using the concepts of affordances and signifiers. In addition to the technical details of our platform, we present a baseline study by evaluating our platform through user-trials of able-bodied individuals and two different affordances: 1) Door Go Through and 2) People Approach. To present these affordances to the user, we evaluated fixed symbol based signifiers versus our novel dynamic signifiers in terms of ease to understand the suggested actions and its relation with the objects. Our results show a clear preference for dynamic signifiers. In addition, we show that the task load reported by participants is lower when controlling the smart wheelchair with our augmented reality user interface compared to using the joystick, which is consistent with their qualitative answers.
AU - Chacon-Quesada,R
AU - Demiris,Y
DO - 10.1109/iros40897.2019.8968290
PY - 2020///
TI - Augmented reality controlled smart wheelchair using dynamic signifiers for affordance representation
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