Dr Charles Romain

CRCharles is a Lecturer in Chemistry at Imperial College London. He leads a research group interested in the development of sustainable polymers from renewable resources, designing new metal catalysts and improving material end-of-life.

Through his scientific journey as a researcher in chemistry, Charles has developed an interest and an expertise in research data management and FAIR data. He is curently co-leading the Research Data Strategy discusion group at DigiFAB which aim to identify, disseminate and implement good practices for data sharing and publication in chemistry.


Justin Koh

Justin is an undergraduate student from NTU, Singapore. In the course of his studies, he has developed an interest in polymer and inorganic chemistry, hoping to combine the 2 in his research and further studies.

During his current research project, he is studying heterobimetallic cooperativity in polymerisation catalysis. In his free time, he enjoys Riichi Mahjong, table tennis and music.

Alicia Chin

Alicia is an undergraduate MSci student at Imperial College London. She chose a degree in Chemistry as she wants to develop solutions for plastic waste.

Her Master’s project involves developing block co-polymers. Outside of her degree, she enjoys dancing, yoga and all things artistic.

Hanxiao Pu

Hanxiao is an MSci student at Imperial College, working on the development of bio-based polymers. Her project focuses on exploiting non-covalent interactions in polymerisation catalysis.

She is interested in sustainable chemistry that targets plastics pollution. Outside of academia, she enjoys scuba diving and musical theatre."

Past group members


  • Hannah Wilding - MSc student (Digital Chemistry)


  • Sami Gesslbauer - PhD Student (viva in July 2021)


  • Dr Panagiotis Bexis - PDRA
  • Sami Gesslbauer - PhD student (3rd year)


  • Sami Gesslbauer - PhD Student (2nd year)
  • Chawin Chalisarapong - MSci student
  • Veronica Nacci - BSc student


  • Jameel Marafie - PhD student (viva in September 2018)
  • Sami Gesslbauer - PhD student (1st year)
  • Floriana Moruzzi - MSci student
  • Diana Piermarini - BSc student
  • Stanley Ng - BSc student


  • Jameel Marafie - PhD student (3rd year)
  • Yijun Chen - MRes student
  • Dr. Risto Savela - Visiting fellow from Abo University, Turku, Finland
  • Stephane Bernhard - Erasmus student from EPFL
  • Rebecca Murray-Watson - UROP student from Cambridge University