What type of activity are you booking a room for?

Information on these pages is categorised according to the 'type' of activity you are trying to book a room for, rather than the 'type' of room e.g. lecture theatre. Please refer to the list of acceptable uses of College space if you are not sure if your activity is suitable or not. 

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Book a meeting

Information on how to book spaces for meetings, interviews, presentations, workshops, etc. 

Options available:

Example of an event with people mingling in an events space

Book an event

If you need a room booking, as well as support with additional requirements such as room set-up, AV equipment and catering:

Note: Internally booked events may be charged at an external rate if they are booked in a 'Commercial Assets Portfolio' (CAP) room, during Easter and Summer vacation periods. To find out more about the CAP and whether your event may be impacted, please visit the CAP website

Lecturer speaking and teaching a small seminar of students sitting at tables in a horseshoe

Book teaching

All teaching and examination activities, including all lectures, seminars, tutorials and assessments that are published in academic timetables should be booked by the appropriate departmental timetabler. Visit the Central Timetabling Support Office page for the list of departmental timetablers

  • Note: If you'd like to book a teaching space for something other than teaching, please refer to the 'Book a meeting' box above.
Students learning in a computer lab

Book computer-based training

Information on how to book computer rooms for computer-based training or sessions is available via the following: