Imperial Sainsbury's Partnership Governance Structure

Imperial College works closely with various Sainsbury's business units that are committed to decarbonising operations. The partnership key focus areas are:

  • Decarbonisation strategy: carbon mapping, low carbon roadmaps, low carbon fuel trade-offs, techno-economic evaluation of investments, and property portfolio invesment plan
  • Transport operations: energy efficiency, low carbon HGV fleets, impact of internet sales, research on logistics re-routing
  • Energy building performance: benchmarking performance of buildings and energy systems, control strategies of building management systems, analysis and validation of energy efficiency and low carbon investments, redesign of engineering systems
  • Energy technology review: appraisal and policy reviews of low carbon technologies for power, heat and cooling provision
  • Sustainable ethical sourcing: carbon, energy, water, and waste reduction in food production and delivery processes
"The partnership is a testament of how academia and industry can collaborate effectively to address problems that have no straightforward answer. We are working on developing innovative models and transferring our findings so Sainsbury’s can make sound low carbon investment decisions" - Dr Salvador Acha, Project Manager and Research Fellow in Energy Systems and Sustainable Transitions