The Environmental Research Group (ERG) combines air and water pollution science, toxicology and epidemiology to determine the impacts of air and water pollution on health and the causal factors. We work closely with those responsible for air and water quality management to support policies and actions to minimise air and water pollution health effects.

Since establishing the first regional monitoring network, the London Air Quality Network, the ERG continues to specialise in this area in addition to leading the field in a number of important areas within the Environment and Health arena: including pollution exposures on our transport systems; construction sites; inside people’s homes; as well as the health effects of microplastics and water pollution.

During the past year, ERG has produced new studies and published significant papers which highlight the growing concerns relating to environmental pollution and its impacts on public health. From researching the correlation between exposure to poor air quality and dementia to exploring the impact of Traffic Related Air Pollution (TRAP) on public health, ERG’s research centres on some of the most significant challenges to population health.

The ERG is led by Professor Frank Kelly, and consists of a number of teams: