Over Summer 2022, live talk-shows were run in local parks with Talkaoke by The People Speak - allowing participants and local residents to explore open-ended issues that really mattered to them.

These discussions were a unique opportunity for researchers and the local community to come together to explore broad questions such as ‘How do you perceive your local neighbourhood? What is important to you locally? What are your thoughts on your health and environment?’ The People Speak have 25 years expertise in helping people to understand one another, imaginatively tell untold stories and collectively process the complexity of the world, with diverse communities.

Our collaboration with them highlighted the importance of keeping WellHome community-based, and resulted in a range of insights and considerations to inform how the study develops over the next few years.

Supporting action on air quality in Kensington

The WellHome project had a stall at the 'Hope for Future' event which took place at the Dalgarno Trust community Centre on 25th September 2022. The event focussed on bringing people together to talk about what can be done about air pollution. You can read more here.