Project Background:

Heart disease is the single largest cause of death in the UK and previous studies have shown increased heart disease rates in South Asians.

Study Aims:

This study identifies admission rates for South Asians and Whites to Ealing hospital between 2005-2007 for heart disease and other conditions, using SAHSU HES data obtained from NHS Digital. The catchment population area for Ealing Hospital was established using the validated Norris-Bailey method. In a separate part of the study, 5-year survival (all-cause and cardiovascular mortality) for patients admitted to Ealing hospital was compared for South Asians and European whites.

Health Data:

NHS Digital HES inpatients, ONS mortality

Benefits to Public:

Heart disease is a major public health concern, with further increased risks in some ethnic groups. This work helps quantify differences in both heart disease hospital admissions and survival rates after an admission and will be used to help target public health interventions. The main outputs will be a peer-reviewed publication and presentations at scientific meetings.