How to I print in IDE?

IDE uses the central Imperial College ICT Print Service, the print queues for which can be installed from the link below.  When installing the printers from an IDE PC please ensure that you:

  1. Log in with your Imperial College account and enter IC\username in the user name field.
  2. Select the Remember my credentials checkbox when you log in.  You may be prompted to log in several times and should ensure the check the box is selected at each logon.  Failure to do so will result in your printers appearing offline every day.

The log in prompt should look as follows:

Screenshot of printer login scree

For more information see how to install printers.

Printing from a Mac/Linux

To install the ICT Print Service printers on a Mac or Linux machine you will can use the Imperial Mobile Printing portal. 

  1. Log in with your Imperial College credentials.
  2. Select the Driver Print tab and then the relevant operating system.
  3. Use the Simple Direct (2) method and follow the on-screen instructions.

If you require advanced printing options you can follow the instructions on the Printing for Mac or Printing for Linux web page to install the printers.

Where are the printers located?

You can use any ICT Print Service printer across the College campus to print your documents. Within the department we have two pools of printers. They are located:

  • Souther Wharf Road side - opposite the pigeon holes on the ground floor
  • Praed Street side - at the end of the lower ground floor near the hot desk computers and on the Upper Mezzanine level next to the meeting room

Where can I get replacement toner and paper?

Paper can be found at the following locations:

  • Next to the pigeon holes on the ground floor, opposite the South Wharf Road printers
  • Next to the Praed Street printers on the lower ground floor

Please inform a member of the IDE Administrative team if we only have a few boxes of paper remaining.

Toner can be found on the shelves near the printers. The toner boxes indicate which model of printer they are for, and which colour toner they contain. Please be gentle when replacing toner cartridges, as too much force can result in damage to the toner and/or printer.

Can I replace toner/paper in the departmental printers myself?

If the toner in any of the departmental printers runs out then yes, please feel free to replace the toner. If any of the departmental printers run low on paper, then please also fill the paper trays. There are replacement paper reams and toner cartridges in the printer areas.

The process is usually fairly simple and the screen will show an animation of what to do, as the toner cartridge can only be inserted one way. You shouldn't need to use excessive force when inserting the cartridge.